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Hair Loss Systems in New York, New York


Don't Let the Stereotypes Stop You

Everyone has seen a bad wig or toupee. Some are so obvious you can spot them a mile away. The good news, however, is that "This is not your father toupee". You can actually have a 100% human hair system designed just for you. So don't let these stereotypes stop you from doing something about your hair loss. Call us at 800-456-4247 to set up a free consultation.
Come to Manny Roberts Hair Replacement in Roslyn Heights, New York, for the affordable hair loss systems to say goodbye to that receding hairline.

Determining Which System is Best

It is difficult to determine which system would work best for you without the benefit of seeing your hairline, your scalp, or your desired hairstyle. It is like a doctor trying to diagnose a patient over the phone without the benefit of blood tests, pulse rate, temperature, or observation of symptoms. To best satisfy you, we recommend that you give us a call to further discuss our hair loss systems.
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There are dozens of adhesives on the market. Bonding refers to using a medical adhesive where the human hair system is kept in place for a period of 3-6 weeks. The overall wear time depends on your hair growth rate, oiliness, adhesive compatibility, and application protocol. At Manny Roberts Hair Replacement we use different adhesives depending on the individual client.

Daily Wear

These non-surgical hair replacement systems are removable and employ adhesive, double-sided tape or clips. Say goodbye to a balding head and hello to beautiful, natural looking hair.

Extended Daily Wear

These systems are removable but allow you to remove the unit after 3-14 days, using the specific adhesives or tapes. We do not recommend using clips with these systems as they may pull your hair out.

Fusion, Track, & Point Bond

These are all non-surgical hair replacement methods using permanent attachments, which allow the wearer three or more weeks of use without returning for maintenance.
The attachment method is a lifestyle choice and should be a separate consideration when making your hair loss system choice. Have the system and attachment methods explained thoroughly to you. We do not use fancy marketing terms to describe attachments or system designs, as they tend to be confusing. Many systems are designed similarly but employ different words to describe them. Ask your hair replacement consultant for clarification.

Descriptions of Our Systems & Why You Need Them

For your benefit, we have listed some of our systems and their descriptions so you have a basic understanding of our processes:
  • Integration
A web like hair system in which your own hair is pulled through openings to give you volume and density. These systems are only for people who have some hair and require density or length.

  • Lace
A fine netting that has an incredibly natural hairline. This is for people who have little or no hair in front. This system allows very thin density for people who do not want a lot of hair.

  • Thin Skin
A thin membrane into which hair is finely inserted. This allows individuals to expose their scalp. Often, this system is permanently attached with a very low profile bonding agent.

  • Fine Mono
An ultra-fine net, which is durable and can be used with human hair or synthetic fiber. The variations of this design are so numerous it would be impossible to list all of them.
Schedule an appointment with our hair restoration specialists to find a hair loss system that best works for your needs.